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Interested In BLC Membership? 


​Prospective members applying to join The Black Leadership Circle should be able to demonstrate these criteria and characteristics to contribute effectively to the group's mission and objectives:

Executive Level Leader in Greater Baltimore Region:

  • Hold an executive-level leadership position representing interests in the Greater Baltimore Region.

  • Demonstrate a track record of successful leadership and decision-making in their professional role.

Community Influencer:

  • Have a proven history of influencing positive change within the community.

  • Show active involvement in community development initiatives, programs, or projects.

Mentorship Experience:

  • Have experience as a mentor, guiding and supporting individuals in their personal or professional development.

  • Provide evidence of the impact of mentorship on mentees' growth and achievements.

Commitment to Guiding Principles:

  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to the guiding principles of The Black Leadership Circle.

  • Express alignment with the mission, values, and goals of the auxiliary group.

Diversity and Inclusion Advocate:

  • Advocate for diversity and inclusion in both professional and community settings.

  • Show a commitment to promoting equal opportunities and addressing systemic inequalities.

Collaborative Spirit:

  • Display a collaborative spirit and willingness to work with others towards common goals.

  • Showcase instances of successful collaboration in previous professional or community endeavors.

Ethical Leadership:

  • Uphold high ethical standards in both professional and personal conduct.

  • Demonstrate integrity and transparency in decision-making and actions.

Strategic Thinker:

  • Showcase the ability to think strategically and contribute innovative ideas.

  • Demonstrate a forward-thinking approach to address challenges and opportunities.

Continuous Learner:

  • Exhibit a commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

  • Provide examples of staying informed about industry trends and community needs.


Black Leadership Circle Membership Process

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